Traditional Chinese Medicine

Massage refers to the art of manipulating soft tissues to reduce tension and stress. Shiatsu (also known as Acupressure) is a different pseudoscience that developed in Ancient China. It's based on the ancient Chinese healing practices and theories about the flow of Qi through meridians that are strings of energy. Popularized in the mid twentieth century by Japanese health guru Tokujiro Nagashima, shiatsu has become a hugely popular concept in western circles thanks to a multitude of masseuse franchises. Although there aren't any scientific studies backing the effectiveness of this therapy, many clients report amazing advantages, such as alleviation of pain, issues, improved mobility as well as improved immunity. This could be due in part, due to the factor that shiatsu uses pressure to various areas of the body for stimulation of functions associated with the natural healing process in the body.

Confucius the Chinese legend, an eminent Chinese philosopher who wrote the first book about Shiatsu. He believed that one can "know" the art of massage properly by reading his pupils' fluid movements. Confucius asserts that Shiatsu practitioners are able to read the flow of meridians and their temperature to establish the proper pressure point. It is not difficult to comprehend why shiatsu was so popular in Western countries due the simple explanations it provides and mysterious claims. Yet, investigations of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have shown that acupuncture and various other types of Chinese massages aren't based on analyzing body temperatures or "chi" (pronounced "Chi") patterns, but on the flow of energy through channels and meridians.

Contrary to popular belief, Shiatsu massage can be carried out with hands. It is practiced by highly trained technicians who use the hands to move and work into soft tissues using a targeted pattern, relieving the tension of muscles as well as relieving tension. Shiatsu employs gentle pressure and quick strokes to increase and restore the circulation of vital energy through the body. The goal is to release the qi trapped within a specific area or place by applying direct pressure. This results in diminished pain, improved circulation, as well as improved immune function.

As per the holistic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Qi is believed to be the same as Qi or energy that circulates inside the body. The qi is able to be increased or flowed unimpeded, which leads to better health and more restful and restful sleep. Massage may be utilized to enhance blood flow in various parts of the body, ease pain and boost sleeping quality. Massage is a method of relaxation, which includes massage that is characterized by gentle and calming motions. Another method of Natural Health Therapy practiced widely in China and India is Reflexology. The basis of Reflexology is the belief that "like attracts like." Therefore, when certain organs are stimulated, it is thought that similar structure in the other areas of the body can also be affected. Reflexology treatments include cold compress or ultrasound as well as short heat strokes. Regular massage therapy is an increasingly popular alternative for those suffering from chronic painful.

Therapeutic touch is another popular technique of Natural Health Therapy practiced around all over. Massage therapy's theory is that gentle and firm pressure applied to the clients skin can help release tension, relieve pain and encourage the relaxation. Massage therapists may use gentle pressure, such as the circular or kneading process in order to massage the client. The aim is to alleviate stress and tension in specific areas. Reflexology can sometimes be combined with this approach to boost its therapeutic benefits.

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